Making progress

Today was a great success – so much so I’ve got barely any photos to share – we were all far too busy building dipoles and laying out cable on the tiles!  There have been lots of groans brought on by engineer Dave’s terrible puns (such as ‘2 B’s or not to B’s’ when I request two B labels) and some healthy competition between students to see who can build the most dipoles (Jarrod is on 51 something and Luke is winning by a bare margin at 55.)  Jarrod’s target for tomorrow is 50 dipoles, we think he can reach it – he’s become very very fast!

The core is starting to fill up!

The core area is starting to fill up!

We’ve finished 19 tiles, 13 today, which means we’ve made a big dent in the ‘alpha’ section of the whole MWA – the bit that the astronomers will come along and do ‘science commissioning’ on first.  I’m going to try pin down exactly what science commissioning is tomorrow! I’ll report back here.

Dipoles springing up everywhere!

Dipoles springing up everywhere!

On the way in this morning we drove past ASKAP, which just recently celebrated the construction of all 36 dishes! It’s great to be up here and see the progress CSIRO is making on finishing ASKAP, and how great the MRO is looking with telescopes all over the place (springing up at an alarming rate over here on the MWA site).

Taking a peak at some ASKAP dishes from the personnel carrier. (Photo Kim Steele)

The video I promised today of dipole construction will have to be tomorrow, too busy cabling and building dipoles today!

The Moon watches over us laying the final cables on today's tiles.

The Moon watches over us laying the final cables on today’s tiles.

Day 3 Summary

Antenna Count: 612/4096
Completed MWA Tiles: 19/128
Beam formers installed: 0/128 (0 on site)


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Outreach and Education Officer at The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR). I was lucky enough to join our engineers and 'student army' to build a good share of the Murchison Widefield Array, the low frequency precursor to the Square Kilometre Array on the future SKA site in WA. All images and content on this blog are copyright, unless otherwise attributed. If you'd like to use any of my photos, send me an email and I'd be happy to help -

One response to “Making progress

  1. Ben McKinley

    Hey awesome work Student Army! Good to see the Moon featuring in some more MWA images too =P
    Lay those dipoles nice and straight!

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All images and content on this blog is copyright. I'd be happy to help you out if you want to use any text or images that I've produced, simply send me an email - - and we can chat about it.
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